The effectiveness of AliveLearning™  is linked to the constant presence of the coach.
Because a person who’s motivated to grow in a specific field can reach the best results when another person is there, a more expert person who follows the individual and works as
example, guide, training, support, challenge.

Technology, in this situation, becomes an alley: it’s the vehicle through which the coach can communicate and build a relationship with the learner.  

AliveLearning™ key ingredients:

The building process of an AliveLearning™ path:

1. We identify the coach: the coach can be an expert to partner with or an expert coming from the client’s company. 

2. We project the path: together with the coach, we define targets, we build the path and we identify the best tools to be used. If the experts come from the client’s company, we teach them how to be AliveLearning™ coaches.

3. From theory to practice: the coach manages the path and motivate users in some debates to make them bring what they learned into their work environment. 

L’AliveLearning™ is a methodology applicable to every learning experience, in every area of interest.

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